Videos of dances listed in Balls and special event programs. These listings are posted in collaboration with event hosts as a general aid to those interested in becoming familiar with the dances 

2019 Elm City Assembly

January 26, 2019 at the High Lane Club, North Haven, CT
Callers Gene Murrow. Music by the Flying Romanos (Robin Russell, Marnen Laibow-Koser, and Norma Castle)
Link to event information

video links for all of the 20 dances /links to choreography for 15 Alice/.....choreography
Autumn in Amherst/.....choreography
Blenheim House/.....choreography
Braes of Dornoch/.....choreography
Chocolate Equation/.....choreography n/a
Enfield Wash/.....choreography
Kneeland Romp/.....choreography
Never Love Thee More/.....choreography
Peter and Peggy/.....choreography n/a
Rakes of Rochester/choreography.....
Saint Margaret's Hill/.....choreography
Severn Bore/.....choreography n/a
Sir Watkins'Jig/.....choreography
Wa' is Me What Mun I Do/.....choreography
Well Hall/.....choreography
When Laura Smiles/.....choreography n/a
Zither Man/.....choreography na

Binghamton Ball

2019 Registration Form Now Available. Link to event information to download and print a Binghamton Ball 2019 registration form.

April 6, 2019
Phelps Mansion, 191 Court St. Binghamton, NY
Caller: Val Medve
Band: Gotham Carnival (Dominique Gagne - flute, Julia Hartman - violin, Jean Monroe - piano)
video links for 11 of the 15 dances

1. Mile of Smiles
2. Hole in the Wall
3. Woodland Chase, 3c (No video available)
4. Long Odds
5. Susitna, square No video available
6. Fair & Softly
7. Dr. Vincent's Delight, 3c MIXER, NOTE: second time through dance, the progression is more clear (top 2 gents change places as in Lilliburlero; bottom 2 ladies change places as in Lilliburlero)
8. Sapphire Sea
9. Cadger's Other Caper
NOTE This video shows dance pattern well; tempo will be much faster. This video is Cadger's Caper (tune AABB); we'll do Cadger's Other Caper (tune AAB) -- the B part will be shown/taught in practice sessions and on-site.

*** BREAK ***

10. Mrs. Hill's Dance, 3c
11. From Among Dragons, No video available.
12. Prince William, 3C
13. The Sword Dance, or Strum, No video available.
14.Moonflower NOTE: At the beginning for the gents, we'll follow the choreographer's most recent instructions (differs from video); Gents set L & R then turn single L, then all circle right once around.
15. Haymakers
(15a)For more realistic tempo (though still a bit too fast)
NOTE: Here are instructions for beginning (not clear in videos)-- First corners: 8 counts to cast L around nbr and into each other's place, 4 counts to L-hand turn halfway, 4 counts to fall back into original place. Then second corners: 8 counts to cast R around nbr and into each other's place, 4 counts to R-hand turn, 4 counts to fall back into original place.

Past Events

The 40th Brattleboro Playford Ball 2018

Link to event information
Oak Grove School, Brattleboro, VT. Saturday, November 17, 2018. 7:30 - 11:30 pm; Afternoon Walk-through 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Callers Robin Hayden & Danial Popwich. Music by Karen Axelron - Eric Martin - Anna Patton
video links for 17 of the 19 dances

Belle of Amherst (no video)
Cross My Heart
Easter Thursday
Hambleton’s Round O
The Homecoming
Hudson Barn
Jack''s Health
Maiden Lane
Mile of Smiles
Mr.Beveridge's Maggot (walkthru) Mr.Beveridge's Maggot (performance)
Mr.Ganiford's Maggot
Murial's Measure
Old Wife Behind the Fire
The Rag
Sellenger's Round
Step Stately
Saint Margaret's Hill
Volpony (no video of this reconstruction)

Across The Lake 2018

Link to event information
Elley-Long Music Center at St. Michael's College
223 Ethan Allen Lane, Colchester, Vermont (near Burlington)
June 8-10, 2018
video links for 36 of 47 dances

    The dances as called at Across the Lake may be different from the videos. These videos will give you a feel for the event's dance programs; they are not posted to be studied and/or memorized, All dances at Across the Lake will be taught and walked through by the caller, then prompted to the music.

    Important note from the callers: These video links should be used for reference only, not for instruction or for style. They are not a substitute for learning the dance from trusted local or regional callers, in person. Some videos are inspiring, but some include errors, or exhibit poor style or execution. Videos with manifest errors or adaptations for demonstration have not been included. <

Bare Necessities & Mary Jones (first half)
Graham Christian (second half)

Domino 5
The Eastbourne Rover
Enfield Wash
Excuse Me
Flora & Phaon
King’s Maggot
Gene’s Tambourine (no video)
The Jovial Beggars
The Ragg
Short & the Tall (no video)
Spanish Jigg
St. Katherine’s (no video)
Trip to Provence

In reserve (Friday night or Saturday night): Maid’s Last Wish, Two Cousins, Wakefield Hunt, Red House, Angels Unawares, Alterations, Wooden Shoes

Bare Necessities & Graham Christian

Another Nancy’s Fancy  (no video)
Catch If You Can  (no video)
Severn Bore
Star of Kintra (no video)
Braye’s Maggot
Lady Pentweazle’s Maggot (no video)
Star` Young Damon’s Flight  (no video)
The Lover’s Luck
Brief Encounter  (no video)
Measured Obsession
Rays of Sunshine, Pearls of Wisdom  No video

In reserve: Walton Abbey, Slof Galliard, Love & A Bottle, Volpony, News From Tripoly,
Pall Mall, A Conceal’d Health, Barbarini’s Tambourine, Indian Summer (as a no-prompt or no-walk), Shandy Hall

Bare Necessities & Mary Jones (first half),
Graham Christian (second half)

Astoria Lass
Banish Misfortune
Candles in the Dark
The Cotery
Delia: (no video)
Fop’s Fancy
The Happily Married Man
Key to the Cellar
Land of Mist and Wonder
Orange Nan
Phoenix Rejuvenated
Ransom Note
The Salutation
Sir Watkin’s Jigg

In reserve (Friday night or Saturday night): Maid’s Last Wish, Two Cousins, Wakefield Hunt, Red House, Angels Unawares, Alterations, Wooden Shoes

The Shepherds & Mary Jones

Atossa’s Gift
Come Let’s Be Merry (as a general guide only)
Hambleton’s Round O
Mad Robin
The Midnight Ramble
Mile of Smiles
Mount Hills

In reserve: Kelsterne Gardens, Ashford Anniversary

The 2018 Whately Ball 

Ball information

Hayedenville Rd and Masterson Rd, Whately, MA
Saturday June 23, 2018  7:00 - 11:00 pm (Afternoon practice session 2:00- 4:00)
Video links for 16 of 19 dances (videos subject to change),


The Reel Nutmeg Ball 

2018 Ball Flyer
Keeney Memorial Cultural Center,200 Main Street, Wethersfield, CT
Saturday May 12, 2017
Video links for 18 of 18 dances (videos subject to change),

2018 Binghampton Ball and Sunday Brunch 

2018 Ball Flyer
Phelps Mansion Museum, 191 Court Street, Binghamton, NY 13901
Saturday, April 14 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm; Sunday 10 am to 2 pm
Video links for 13 of 15 dances (videos subject to change),

Germantown Country Dancers 2017 Predominantly Playford Ball 

Ball info
Saint Thomas Malankara Orthodox Church 1009 Unruh Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Saturday December 2, 2017
Video links for 20 of 20 dances